Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oil Accountability Report Card -- Can We Count on Our Candidates?

Today we get the news that the House has sent the President a new energy bill. That bill whatever its virtues and vices, is absolutely silent on one of the biggest issues facing the public today - the ongoing fleecing of taxpayers by the big oil companies.

The U.S. needs tougher penalties on the companies who cheat Americans by not paying their full royalties. It will apparently take a Democratic Administration to crack down on Big Oil fleecers. But can we be sure that our candidates will do the right thing?

We've been researching the reasons that some of our candidates may be playing it coy and we'll be rolling out some of that information in coming posts but hopefully our candidates will step up and do the right thing. It seems like a no brainer but nothing is simple in Washington DC when there are millions of dollars involved.

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